My name Cynthia. I am a 32 year old woman living in the New England. I am notoriously bad at “About me” sections (ask anyone who ever read my dating profile). I work in tech, but if you’re looking for deep tech insights – this is not the blog for you. I am at step 1 of a weight loss journey and am looking to document it, mainly for myself to look back on. I have a lot of fun writing and tend to be a bit of an open book, so I will probably use this to document more than just my weight loss experience – feel free to stick around and enjoy the journey with me!


**Yes, I added two ¬†pictures of myself to my ‘About Me’ section. Considering the topic at hand, I will more-than-likely be some very unflattering pictures of myself from all different angles and in all forms of dress/undress… I would like for my visitors to know that sometimes I try with my looks. Vanity – it’s a thing!**


Email: acynfuljourney@gmail.com

Instagram: Acynfuljourney