I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (a.k.a. The Consultation pt 3) to bring you this:

So, two things – my very first day doing yoga EVER, my teacher tried to get me into this half split pose…! I had no core strength, no muscle stamina, nothing!  Well, yesterday during our lesson we tried it again… and I DID IT! Not only did I do it, but I held it! I am noticing that things that I really struggled with a month ago are suddenly seeming easier, I feel stronger. I am more aware of how I breathe throughout the day. My posture is improving and I am just feeling more engaged with my body than I have in the past. That, my friends, is called progress 🙂

The second thing is this – For the past few months, probably about 5 or so, I have been in pain. Throughout the day I would feel pain in my back/hips/legs or any combination of those three. More often than not I would have to take Ibuprofen or Gabapentin (prescription nerve pain med from a past accident) in order to be able to sleep through the night. Even with those medications I would still feel pain and would often wake up in the middle of the night – and yes, I tried physical therapy, I tried massage, I tried lots of stuff – I would toss and turn or just give up and get up for a while because I was miserable. Well, last night I felt NO PAIN!!!! Nothing! At first I thought maybe I had just found the magical position and was so scared to move… but then I did move… I went from side to side and onto my back… and there was no pain!

I was so happy, I almost cried. In fact, I woke my girlfriend up to tell her… sidenote: Layla is definitely WAY more patient than I am!… I was worried it would wear off during the night, but it didn’t I woke up pain free. I truly think this is a side effect of yoga!

Guys, I am so happy right now! Lets hope this is a trend in the right direction!

2 thoughts on “Progress!!!

  1. It’s these moments we have while we’re on our journey that are the reassurance we made the right decision… These are our special moments, and these are the testament to ourselves that our hard working is giving us results. So happy for you, keep up the great work!!


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